wolt 1After years of austerity and cuts (annual 2% cuts), education is being undermined at every turn, while the current pandemic and the unfolding economic crisis are affecting the quality of the education and putting strain on the shoulders of the youth. International students, who in “normal times” have to take up precarious jobs to make ends meet or even pay for their education, lose their jobs and face uncertainty.

kbh kollegier dkAmidst the coronavirus pandemic, more and more young students have their work schedules reduced or their work suspended without payment compensation. While the state has been giving out funds to compensate the loss of big businesses (and shop owners to a certain extent), the young workers, who very often work part time in food services to make ends meet, are left to fend for themselves. Their bosses are not obliged to keep them hired, not to mention to pay their full salary. Once again it is the workers and youth that are forced to pay the bill for the crisis.

 54435005 2211389085584958 7629647524579508224 oWe at Revolutionære Socialister have long been arguing that the politicians, despite their green rhetoric, are not doing anything radical to lower the carbon emissions due to the capitalist profit motive preventing exactly this. But the new climate law seems to change this - at least if you chose to believe SF, Enhedslisten and a number of NGOs. Here, we take a critical look at the climate law to see if there really is reason for optimism. 

Front and backpage MAY2018 1Editorial: Internationally Denmark is known as a Social Democratic paradise. Universal free healthcare, free education and liberal political freedom. But reality is somewhat different. Almost all political parties in parliament - with the exception of the Unity List and the Alternative to some degree - have embarked on a massive shift to the right which has accelerated in the past 12 months. They are all competing to be the most rabid reactionaries, chauvinists and racists.

PTMIn the beginning of February some unusual scenes of protest were circulated on social media in Islamabad. Thousands of Pashtuns marched toward Islamabad from the tribal area of Pakistan adjacent to the Afghanistan border. The aim of the march was to stage a protest in front of the press club in the capital city.

The protest was triggered by the extrajudicial killing of a young Pashtun man in Karachi, the industrial hub of Pakistan. The Pashtun region has been the epicenter of wars in the past four decades. The state oppression and intimidation has intensified in the past two decades, especially since the American occupation of Afghanistan in 2001. The military operations of the Pakistan army, Taliban and American drone strikes have made the region a living hell.

Revolt nr3 Maj 2017FrontIt can seem that in Denmark everything is quiet. Nothing is happening. But that is only in appearance. Beneath the surface the same processes that we see in the rest of the world, which produced such political earthquakes as brexit and Trump, are taking place. Science teaches us that similar circumstances must produce similar results.

Lagkagehuset Frederiksberggade cropLagkagehuset is known for its expensive and high quality products. But the reality behind the façade is anything but exclusive. For those employed at Lagkagehuset’s factory on Amerikavej, their reality consists of harsh employers, long workdays in gruelling heat and workdays without fixed working hours, overtime pay or even breaks. Arif will never forget the short time he spent at Lagkagehuset’s factory on Amerikavej. Not least because his right index finger is now severely deformed as a result of nearly being cut off by a dough cutting machine.

SU demonstrationThe Danish government has recently presented its 2025 plan, and as expected, this plan contained a massive attack on SU. The government’s concrete proposal is to lower the SU for students living away from their parents from 5100 to 4300 kr, after tax. Furthermore, the intention is to increase the amount for the SU-loan from 3000 kr today to 4300 kr, applicable to those who start their education in 2019. Additionally, they will remove the SU on the 6th year of study, which means that SU runs out for those who are even just slightly delayed or choose to change their study.

Revolt nr2 2016 front webEditorial: On the 23rd June Britain voted to leave the EU sending shock waves throughout Europe. It was yet another notch up in the centrifugal forces that are pulling the European Union apart under the pressure of the organic crisis of capitalism. Questions regarding nationalism versus internationalism, democracy and so on are becoming increasingly acute. It is a discussion which has once again flared up in the Danish Left following brexit. It is also a debate which has, until recently, been characterized by a total absence of socialist class perspective.

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