Revolutionære Socialister
14:00 24.06.2019 - 0:00 25.06.2019


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Revolutionære Socialister has the great pleasure of inviting you to its summer fundraising party taking place on the 24th of June at St. Pauli Bar (Halmtorvet 54, 1700 København). The party is coinciding with Sankt Hans Day and instead of burning witches, we have chosen a better fitting theme for our little celebration: Burn the Bourgeoisie!
We'll be there starting 14:00 up until midnight, so come help us set ablaze the real villain in society over some beers and let's make a barbecue out of it!

The beer will be cheap, the BBQ will have Veg options, and all the funds we raise will go directly to the financing of our international revolutionary activities.

Don't forget to bring friends along and see you there!

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