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    Marxist philosophy - dialectical materialism - is the foundation of Marxism, and all other aspects of Marxism stem from this revolutionary philosophy. Therefore, for Marxists philosophy is not a secondary question, but something that has to be studied as it is an essential tool which enables us to understand the world around us and to change it.

    Come and hear more about Marxist philosophy and more importantly how to use this philosophy to change the world around us fundamentally for the benefit of the majority.

    Everyone is welcome to participate and it is not requirement that you have any knowledge about Marxism or philosophy beforehand.

    The introduction will be made by Jonas Foldager, editor of marxist.dk


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    150 years ago Karl Marx analysed the capitalist system in the Communist Manifesto. This analysis is more relevant today than ever. In order to fight capitalism we need to understand the system that we are fighting.

    Marx, however, did not only analyse capitalism - he also described the system that should replace it. Marxist Students invites you to a meeting and discussion about capitalism and how to achieve socialism.

    No prior knowledge about Marxism is required in order to participate in the meeting.

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