Revolt nr3 Maj 2017FrontIt can seem that in Denmark everything is quiet. Nothing is happening. But that is only in appearance. Beneath the surface the same processes that we see in the rest of the world, which produced such political earthquakes as brexit and Trump, are taking place. Science teaches us that similar circumstances must produce similar results.

Lagkagehuset Frederiksberggade cropLagkagehuset is known for its expensive and high quality products. But the reality behind the façade is anything but exclusive. For those employed at Lagkagehuset’s factory on Amerikavej, their reality consists of harsh employers, long workdays in gruelling heat and workdays without fixed working hours, overtime pay or even breaks. Arif will never forget the short time he spent at Lagkagehuset’s factory on Amerikavej. Not least because his right index finger is now severely deformed as a result of nearly being cut off by a dough cutting machine.

SU demonstrationThe Danish government has recently presented its 2025 plan, and as expected, this plan contained a massive attack on SU. The government’s concrete proposal is to lower the SU for students living away from their parents from 5100 to 4300 kr, after tax. Furthermore, the intention is to increase the amount for the SU-loan from 3000 kr today to 4300 kr, applicable to those who start their education in 2019. Additionally, they will remove the SU on the 6th year of study, which means that SU runs out for those who are even just slightly delayed or choose to change their study.

Revolt nr2 2016 front webEditorial: On the 23rd June Britain voted to leave the EU sending shock waves throughout Europe. It was yet another notch up in the centrifugal forces that are pulling the European Union apart under the pressure of the organic crisis of capitalism. Questions regarding nationalism versus internationalism, democracy and so on are becoming increasingly acute. It is a discussion which has once again flared up in the Danish Left following brexit. It is also a debate which has, until recently, been characterized by a total absence of socialist class perspective.

opvask cropImmigrants, refugees and migrant workers are blamed in Danish politics for all kinds of misfortune. “The Danish Model” with its reasonable wages and working conditions, is often highlighted as something unique. But for a growing number of workers, reasonable wages and working conditions are a pipe dream. REVOLT has spoken with Imran, who is originally from Pakistan, about what it’s really like to be a foreign worker in Denmark.

Finn soerensen talerYesterday hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets in Copenhagen protesting against the proposed new bill (L169) which terminates the Danish green card program. The reason for the protest is that the bill - if it is passed - will take away the future of hundreds, if not thousands of young, highly qualified people from various countries, who work as dish washers, waiters, drivers and other tough odd jobs on the buttom of the labour market.

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