Revolutionære Socialister
24.08.2019 11:00 - 17:00


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Without revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary movement. In Revolutionære Socialister we therefor put thorough attention to Marxist theory, as it is the only theory that can explain the crisis of capitalism and simultaneously be used as a weapon to overthrow it.

This time we will be focusing on Leon Trotsky and his ideas. The experiences he made and the role that he played in the revolutionary struggle for socialism is a treasure that all revolutionaries today ought to study. His theoretical contributions to Marxism are also crucial for understanding today's crisis ridden world.
The agenda reads as follows:

- Leon Trotsky's life
- The theory of the permanent revolution
- Organizational Report of the International Marxist Trendency (IMT): Status and Work in the Sections

The exact times will be added with a few days, but the school will be taking place roughly from 11:00 am to 17:00 pm. The lead offs will be in Danish, but English translation will be provided.

The meeting is for members of RS and people who are interested in joinig the struggle for a socialist world revolution.

Looking forward to seeing you for a great day!

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