After a period of internal unrest in the Danish Social Democracy, party leader and former prime minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen decided to resign from his position as chairman of the party. But it raises the question whether the change of chairman will lead to a change in policy as well. What is needed is a clear workers' policy and a party that dares confront the bourgeois government with a socialist alternative and that dares mobilise the working class and the youth for a real re-establishment of the rights and conditions won in the past, which can only be guaranteed as part of the struggle for a socialist society. By Kasper Siegismund (November 19, 2002)

When the new Danish government coalition of Liberals and Conservatives (with the backing of the right wing Danish People's Party) came to power last November, their slogan was "time for change". But since then increasing numbers of workers and youth have come to realise that this was only change for something worse. The last year in Denmark has seen growing protests against the cuts and broken promises of the government. At the same time this has highlighted the crisis in the leadership of the workers' movement because neither the unions nor the workers' parties have been willing to really give a lead to the protests. By Kasper Siegismund.

This is a report from Denmark about May Day and the on-going public sector wage negotiations. (May 7, 2002)

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